This refers to the editorial “Shifting fortunes” (March 28). In Tamil Nadu politics, the political chemistry is such that friends become foes and foes become friends with ease. In the formation of electoral alliances, it is winnability that is given priority over ideological affinity. One wonders whether the multi-party system is a boon at all. All major political parties should fight the election alone to prove their standing among the voters. In this context, the DMDK’s decision to go it alone is welcome.

S. Janakiraman,



As pointed out in the editorial, politics in Tamil Nadu has more to do with arithmetic than with ideology. Going by their past performance and vote-share, the PMK, the AIADMK, the MDMK, the CPI and the CPI (M) together are set to pose a challenge to the DMK-led front. There are also some who feel the DMK-led alliance will win because the DMDK will spilt the anti-DMK and the anti-Congress votes leading to a depletion of the AIADMK vote bank.

R. Sridhar,