Kudos to our ISRO team for the successful launch of PSLV-C14, adding another feather to its cap. The scientists and the engineers of ISRO deserve the highest level of appreciation for proving that India’s technological prowess is second to none among space-faring nations. Their job, which demands a high level acumen and allegiance, is hard since they are not paid salaries on a par with their counterparts in the IT sector.

Beorn Kiruba,


* * *

India’s space scientists had many reasons to celebrate after their ocean satellite was successfully placed in orbit. The fishermen too can celebrate for better catch and profit as the Oceansat-2 starts to streak across the sky. It is a blessing indeed that the satellite is equipped with an eight-band Ocean Colour Monitor that can accurately forecast the movement of fish and help increase the catch. There is, however, one apprehension: won’t it destroy the breeding of fish if greedy fishermen rush in and take away big catch from places where fish are in abundance?

K.A. Solaman,