This refers to the findings of the National Readership Study 2006. Congratulations to The Hindu for securing the second place among English language dailies with a readership of 4.05 million readers. It is a vindication of the kind of journalism practised by The Hindu . It has proved that a newspaper need not pander to glossy and sensational journalism to increase readership.

D. Balakrishnan,

* * *

As a reader of over 30 years, I feel proud that The Hindu has the second largest number of readers and has overtaken Hindustan Times. The Hindu is known for factual reporting and following journalistic ethics. With a dynamic editorial team and high traditions, the day is not far off when the paper's readership will touch five million.

V. Seshagiri Sharma,

* * *

I write to express my appreciation of the general standard of The Hindu . I have become a regular reader for the past three months. I have found the newspaper extremely satisfying. I am particularly fond of the material taken from the Guardian. I have also become a regular reader of some of your contributors like Siddarth Varadarajan, P. Sainath, and others.

Yog Datt,
Kathua, J&K