This refers to Infosys chief N.R. Narayana Murthy's contention that quotas in IITs and IIMs will not help the disadvantaged. It is nobody's argument that reserving a handful of seats in higher education is a panacea for backwardness. But in India, a job not just helps the individual but also benefits his family.

The solution offered by Mr. Murthy, though ideal, will take years to realise. Can the backward sections wait till extra coaching, nutrition and financial support are provided to them to compete with the forward castes at a time when government spending is being governed by fiscal prudence?

K. Uttam,
New Delhi

* * *

Can two wrongs make a right? How can indefinite reservation for some sections be justified on the ground that they were discriminated against ages ago? The Government is actually running away from its responsibility of addressing backwardness by implementing short-term measures such as reservation. It would do well to take concrete steps as suggested by Mr. Murthy.

M.N. Vishnu Dev,
Thrissur, Kerala