The Supreme Court's guidelines toeducational institutions to dealwith ragging are welcome. Thecollege authorities, the principal,and the warden are, no doubt,responsible for curbing ragging oncollege campuses. But parents toohave a role to play. During theannual vacation, they shouldcaution their wards on thedifferent aspects of ragging. Theyshould make them see howharmful the practice is - how itaffects the lives of students who ragand are ragged.

T. Vasanthi,


The Raghavan committee's recommendationthat a chapter on raggingbe introduced at the schoollevel, if implemented, will surelyhave a positive impact on students'minds. I would like to suggest that adocumentary film on ragging bescreened in every school and collegesoon after it reopens everyyear, portraying the trauma experiencedby the victims and the harshpunishment that awaits those whoperpetrate ragging.

R. Sridharan,



The principal or the managementof a college alone cannot curb theragging menace. The collegeshould have an anti-ragging committee,consisting of all heads ofdepartments as members underthe principal's chairmanship. Thecommittee should delegate to theteachers the authority to monitorthe students. In most instances, itis the seniors who indulge in ragging.The teachers are familiar withthem and can easily report theiractivities to the committee.It is always better for an institutionto start classes for the freshers aweek or two before the college reopensfor the seniors. This periodwill be useful to the juniors to getacquainted with the campus environmentand to develop rapportwith one another and their classteachers.

B. Padmanandam,