I find the tone of the article “Indian Muslims and their linkages” (June 6) patronising. In a similar vein, may I offer some advice to Indian Hindus? Behave as a confident, modern, majority community rather than as a backward, oppressed, discriminated group. Stop harking back to the ancient times and look forward to building a modern, rational India. Get rid of your caste divisions and communal prejudices and develop an honest, dynamic and mature leadership which is lacking.

Jawid Laiq,

New Delhi

Does the claim that “the Muslim community is distancing itself from the vendors of terror” imply that the community was supporting the so-called global jihadis before the Darul Uloom Deoband issued a fatwa against terrorism? It is such thinking that generates baseless arguments such as “while not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim.”



The article was objective in its analysis. Post 9/11, the media have discussed Muslim sentiments keeping in mind the Muslim population of Europe and other western countries. But the congregation in the Ram Lila ground has brought to the fore the genuine perceptions of the community. The article’s emphasis on the need for Indian Muslim leaders to relate to the “India first” principle is significant.

Terrorist outfits across the world appeal in the name of what they call the “Musilm brotherhood,” a malicious attempt at creating a farcical pan-global identity. It is time Indian Muslims spoke for themselves, and rid themselves of the victim mindset. Saturday’s gathering was a step in that direction.

V. Sathyanarayan,