This refers to the article “Why Biharis are despised” (Open Page, March 23). A major reason for the backwardness of Bihar is the low level of literacy which has a multiplier effect on the quality of life. Education not only helps to develop skills but also improves awareness on critical issues relating to health, political rights and governance, besides empowering women. A better educated populace is less tolerant of political mis-governance and bureaucratic apathy.

The exodus of Biharis from their State has a parallel in the migration of Keralites to other States and the Gulf countries in search of jobs. The more educated migrants from Kerala find better jobs, adapt easily to their places of work and do not face any social ostracism whereas the average Bihari has to be content with low-paying jobs and also put up with discrimination.

V.N. Mukundarajan,


* * *

Only Biharis can be termed as true Indians as they are the only section of citizens that has proliferated into all the corners of our country, unmindful of barriers of language and culture and forced separation from the loved ones for years on end. Instead of hating them, we should learn from and excel in what they do. National integration through significant inter-State migration will make India more vibrant, strong and knock down the narrow walls of caste, colour, region and class.

K.R. Mohan,


* * *

As one who lived in Bihar for several years, I appreciate the frank article. The qualities of transparent honesty, truthfulness, contentment and self-pride, apart from obedience, hard work and loyalty, are seen to be believed. I wish the glorious days of the Buddha, Mahavira, and Asoka are restored in the region before long.

S.J. Thomas,