The editorial "When bigotry blocks the truth" (Feb. 2) is a powerful exposition of the intolerance displayed by the Hindutva exponents enjoying the support of the Narendra Modi Government in Gujarat. It is no small matter that the duly censored Parzania is not being shown in the cinemas of the State on the plea of anticipated violence. It was the Modi administration's reluctance to frustrate the attempts of the Hindutva zealots to block the release of Fanaa that has emboldened them to create fear in the minds of theatre owners. Such threats of disruption are an open challenge to the guardians of law.

N.K. Vijayan,

* * *

The movie, which revolves around the character of a Parsi boy and portrays the sufferings of Muslims during the Gujarat riots, is biased and highly inflammatory.

Anand Prakash Singh,