This refers to the article, `A shipload of trouble from France' (Jan. 3). The decommissioned French warship, Clemenceau's trip to India for being dismantled does not augur well for the subcontinent. Despite the protests from environmentalists, the authorities seem to have resolved not to wake up.

Arun Dash,

Though environmental protection groups in France have protested against sending the ship to India, we, on our part, are strangely keeping relatively silent.

The Supreme Court's Monitoring Committee should not allow the asbestos aboard the Clemenceau to be dumped in India.

B.S. Selvakumar,
Vellore, T.N.

Globalisation and rapid expansion of industries without taking into consideration the environmental factors will have a telling effect if such issues are not addressed immediately.

The fact that it is cheaper to dismantle the ship in India does not mean all norms should be violated. Will the Government act?

Rajesh Padmanabhan,
Young, New South Wales

The real crux of the issue is: what is the Indian government doing about it? Is India not a sovereign nation? Should it allow itself to become a dumping ground for international waste? Should the health and lives of its citizens be treated with such disdain?

V. Shivakumar,
Houston, Texas

Why all this hue and cry? Such material has been dumped in our country in the past and will continue to be dumped in future too.

Chandana G.,
Ongole, A.P.