The UPA Government's `no' to IIM Bangalore's request to open a campus in Singapore is disappointing. The argument that business schools must first meet the domestic demands is unacceptable. Setting up an IIM overseas will in no way hamper the education process within the country. In fact, it will help our B-schools get international exposure and enrich the teaching experience.

Archana K. Sudheer,
New Delhi

Institutes such as the IIMs are supposed to foster a global mindset in their students. But in reality, they cannot even branch out to a small country like Singapore. Does liberalisation mean different things to different Ministries?

Kangayam R. Rangaswamy,
Waunakee, Wisconsin

I am sure there is no dearth of quality students in the country if the IIMs feel they have the capacity to accommodate more. Brand IIM is already global thanks to the alumni who are making a mark in all spheres of management. There is no need for a physical campus to be set up outside India.

Mohan Raj Gupta,

IIMs and IITs are successful because they select students who are among the best and brightest in India. An expansion in India to enable more students to get access to quality education is more important than letting these institutes expand overseas to amplify their self-congratulation. The `no' is perhaps the best decision made by the UPA Government.

Kodali V. Rao,
Reston, Virginia

Instead of creating world class research institutes, more IITs and IIMs, and paving the way for enrolment of foreign students here, why does IIM-B want to open a branch in Singapore? Let Singapore open a B-school in India instead.

R. Ganesan,