Congratulations to the new UPA Cabinet. While people expect no miracles, they do look forward to the following from the new team: more employment opportunities for youth, control of inflation and price rise, effective overhaul of the public distribution system, waiver of education loan for the girl child, drinking water, health security and affordable housing facilities for the lower and middle classes.

Tapan Das,


The new Cabinet is a welcome mix of experience and performance with due representation to various regions. In phase two of the Ministry expansion, let us hope to see more young blood. India has voted for the Rahul breed of leaders. Let us respect the verdict of the masses. The new team’s priority should be ensuring employment to every youth and two square meals to every citizen.

Colonel R.D. Singh,


The massive exercise of electing 543 members from a plethora of political parties and candidates through the length and breadth of the peninsula is over without a hitch. It is said that the Indian electorate, though illiterate, are intelligent. They have punished the vainglorious regional satraps. Those who switched sides after a five-year fruitful stay with the government were sent home as people saw through all unholy alliances, opportunistic tie-ups and behind-the-scene manoeuvres.

Sebastian Joseph,


The newly elected government has enough food for thought in the article, “Two courtrooms and a peace process” (May 23). The prospect of Pakistan’s Lahore High Court declaring illegal the detention of Hafiz Saeed, Jamat-ud-Dawa leader, and the distinct possibility of the proceedings against the imprisoned key LeT suspects getting badly delayed in the Rawalpindi court till the offence is established by the Mumbai court in the ‘Kasab’ case have been highlighted at the right time. As there were references to three courts in the article, “Three courtrooms and a peace process” would have been a more appropriate title.