With the Bar Council of India passing a resolution asking lawyers across the country to give up the practice of addressing judges as "My Lord" and "Your Lordship," many lawyers will become speechless in court for they thrive on these mantras. Not only will the feudalistic relic be buried, the time saved in mouthing the inane words, which probably comprise 80 per cent of arguments, will make every court in the land a fast track court.

M.A. Sadanand,

It was indeed time the phrases were done away with as they were an anachronism. Even more important is the need to do away with the prefix `honourable' used for our Ministers.

Air Vice Marshal (retd.)
S.K. Sonpar,

The decision was long overdue. Though advocates will take time to do away with the legacy, it is a welcome move. Even after 60 years of independence we continue to follow many colonial practices thoughtlessly, especially in government offices. A classic example is that of the dawali in the office of the District Collector. Even during summer, he is forced to wear a uniform with a headgear and thick cross belt. Such outdated practices should be reviewed.

K. Murlidar,