The battle of words raging inside and outside Parliament reminds me of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. We seem to have forgotten the real agenda and arguments for and against the 123 agreement.

S. Rajasekhar, Thiruvananthapuram

It was exasperating to see Parliament being disrupted over Mr. Sen’s remark. Till Monday, the nuclear deal was all important. But after Mr. Sen’s comment became known, the deal was put on the backburner and the privileges of MPs assumed centre stage. Can’t the diplomat be handled as per his service norms while the parliamentarians go about their job?

R. Sudarshan, Chennai

Our MPs have not only mastered the art of reducing the serious to the ridiculous but also begun making issues out of non-issues. Even after the ambassador clarified that his statement was aimed at some mediapersons, they continued to make noise. Since it is not possible to control the media, MPs should be banned from making television appearances. We will be spared their sound bites and they will be forced to go back to doing what they were elected for.

Sreelata Menon, Allahabad