The killing of 33 constables of the Greyhounds, elite anti-naxalite force, by Maoists in Chitrakonda, Orissa, at a time when the country was emulating the force as a model (editorial “New tactics, deadly result,” July 2), is unfortunate. The incident is bound to affect the morale of the security personnel engaged in eliminating the naxalite menace. The Greyhounds should rework their strategy.

D. Sivarami Reddy,


* * *

According to reports, the tragedy was the consequence of a tactical blunder by the Orissa police, which booked on June 25 the motor launch which carried the Greyhound constables. This revealed their movement to the Maoists. As pointed out in the editorial, complacency has set in as only two policemen were killed last year in Maoist attacks in the State.

Y. Jagannatham,


* * *

Incidents such as the attack on the Greyhounds in the Andhra Pradesh-Orissa border was bound to happen, given that both sides adopt violent methods to settle scores. The Maoists should introspect over their four decade-old violent movement.

Every society is plagued by economic problems. Violence cannot solve them. Unlike what the Maoists believe, killing a landlord or solving a few local issues cannot change society. They should emulate the Maoists of Nepal who have moved into the mainstream. The government, too, should make earnest efforts to bring the Maoists to the negotiating table.

K.V. Ramana,