Kudos to Manmohan Singh who has taken over as Prime Minister for a second term. Hope he completes the unfinished agenda of the previous term. The aam aadmi has a lot of expectations and Dr. Singh’s long experience should help him improve health, education and speed up economic reforms and rural-urban development, not to forget social security. The world is closely watching India.

Narayan B. Iyer,


Dr. Singh has been firm with his allies who bargained for key portfolios in the Cabinet. A determined break from the policy of “giving in” to stay in power is the only way to healthy progress. One looks forward to a clean, efficient ministry that will enhance the government’s image.

Lily Anne Abraham,


India has a Prime Minister who cannot vote in the Lower House in favour of a confidence motion. This is most unfortunate especially when the founding fathers of the Constitution favoured a Westminster pattern of parliament. The Congress should ask the Prime Minister to get himself elected within six months.

B. Jagannathan,

New York