The Rahul Mahajan issue, although blown out of proportion by the media, has served two purposes. One, it is a warning to all our national leaders to ensure that their sons and daughters do not exploit their power and position. Two, the man on the street is fully aware of the kind of leaders he is going to have in future.

V.S. Rajangam,

* * *

There is one aspect of l'affaire Rahul that must hurt the BJP badly. Here is a party that has been preening itself on being the sole custodian of Hindu values and traditions. The son of a leading light of the party sets out on his journey to immerse his father's ashes a very sacred duty. On his way, he and his cronies snort drugs and one of them dies of an overdose. Surely not the best of ways to show respect either to the memory of the father or to the values of Hinduism.

B. Sasisekhar,

Madurai, T.N.

* * *

Many readers seem to be right in asking how the sangh parivar can be held responsible for one of its leaders' son doing drugs. But then is it not an organisation that dictates to the people what to watch, read, wear, celebrate, and so on?

J. Sidharthan,

Tuticorin, T.N.