As an Australian citizen, I welcome Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef’s return to Australia, assuming the court’s decision to quash the cancellation of his work visa is upheld. It is with profound shame that I am associated with a national government so bereft of morality in this and other instances. The Howard government has been wholly complicit in George Bush’s crazy ‘war on terror’ which is undeniably perpetuating terrorism and maintaining a facade of an unsafe world to instil fear in ordinary people.

From the very beginning of the Haneef incident in Brisbane, ordinary, informed Australians could clearly see the nonsense in the accusations and the political processes, and the lies began to be unravelled. This incident is not only indicative of a totally arrogant government, but of one that will use innocent people to further no less than the American agenda of domination. I look forward to Dr. Haneef’s return, welcome his continuing contribution to the health of Australians and profusely apologise on behalf of all reasonable Australians for the recent past.

Frank Tesoriero, Adelaide

Hats off to the Brisbane Federal Court for upholding the individual freedom of an immigrant against political expediency! The Howard government’s design to gain political mileage from the incident has been thwarted by the Australian judiciary.

V.N. Viswanathan, Chennai