It is heartening to see that The Hindu has added a new feather to its cap by creating an internal ombudsman to deal with readers' feedback. Here is hoping other newspapers follow the path shown by The Hindu .

S. Chidambaresa Iyer,

The existence of the Readers' Editor will help increase accuracy, authenticity, and impartiality ultimately enhancing the confidence of the readers in The Hindu .

R. Thirunarayanan,
Chidambaram, T.N.

I am sure a seasoned editor like K. Narayanan will bridge the gap between the readers and their esteemed newspaper.

Dantu Surya Rao,
Kakinada, A.P.

The appointment of a Readers' Editor is a welcome step as its governing motive is to evolve a mechanism of answerability from within. Newspapers now have an example to follow and learn from. Many, many congratulations for the bold step and heartiest best wishes.

Rajbir Parashar,
Kaithal, Haryana

The concept is new and interesting. We are happy that The Hindu is exposing its readers to such an innovative experience! Bouquets and all the best!

R. Ponnarassi,
Vellore, T.N.

With due respect to the appointment of Mr. Narayanan, it must be said that as one closely connected with The Hindu for over 50 years, his mind must be in tune with the paper's style. Can he create a new visible framework? An outsider would have been an appropriate choice.

V.N. Gopal,

While the decision to appoint a Readers' Editor is welcome, the novel idea has been defeated with the appointment of an insider.

R. Palaniappan,

I do not agree that a person closely connected with the paper should not have been appointed or that the readers should have a say in the selection of a Readers' Editor.

What readers require is a forum that deals with their complaints. The fact that Mr. Narayanan has been closely connected with The Hindu for over five decades strengthens the belief that he is well aware of the readers' expectations.

K. Murlidar,

That the first appointment has gone to a distinguished journalist who has served The Hindu for half a century is commendable.

He has a challenging task ahead - of evolving an ombudsman-like system. It is not quite right to argue that an outsider could have been preferred. Are not judges chosen from the Bar on the basis of ability, integrity, and capacity for interpreting the law?

R. Ramachandran,

As a long time reader, I am disappointed at the choice of Readers' Editor. How can the nominee who is, for all practical purposes, an insider function impartially? Even if the establishment gives him a free hand, will he not by habit toe The Hindu line?

N. Sivaraman, M. Babu
& S. Varadarajan