The Hindu deserves unqualified praise for carrying the article "Five years after Godhra and the pogrom" (Feb. 28), which sheds light on how post-Godhra carnage, Gujarat has become a living hell for the minorities. It came at a time when their tragic plight ceased to be news for the mainstream media. No one has the time to think of the injustice being meted out to this hapless lot in Narendra Modi's Gujarat. The article makes no bones about exposing the truth. It is time the entire nation took the issue, which is a blot on democratic and secular India, seriously and fought the unscrupulous saffron brigade that is bent on destroying the social fabric of our country.

A.K. Muneer Hudawi,

While we proclaim India as a secular state, it is actually not so. The poor victims remain a neglected lot and their cries for justice have been in vain. The perpetrators of the carnage, on the other hand, remain unaffected. This situation is a serious cause for concern.

N. Santosh,

The article made disturbing reading. I get many emails, mostly forwarded by NRIs, containing propaganda perpetuated by the likes of Babu Bajrangi. The propaganda machinery seems to be working overtime to highlight the Gujarati Asmita by denouncing the suffering of the hapless minorities. I should perhaps forward the article that appeared in The Hindu to them to put the record straight.

Y. Parameswaran Menon,

In the Gujarat pogrom, Muslims became the guinea pigs in the Hindutva laboratory. Yet the party with a difference claims that Muslims are a pampered lot. We claim that no one is above the law. But the big fish have escaped the dragnet, seeking refuge in politics for five years. It is well worth remembering that when a section is pushed to the corner, the consequences can be disastrous.

Iqbal Khan,

India is the largest democracy. But after reading the article, it seems India is a mockery of democracy. It is outrageous that Gujarat, birthplace of the father of the nation, who advocated non-violence, is also the State where thousands of innocent people were killed and the survivors are forced to live in ghettos with no basic amenities.

Asad Ahmad,

The article is inflammatory in nature. Instead of healing, it rubs salt into the wounds of the survivors. Such articles do not in any way help the suffering.

K.R.A. Narasiah,