This refers to the article "Five years after Godhra and the pogrom" (Feb. 28). It is appalling how a nation can remain a silent spectator to atrocities being heaped on a section of its citizens. That even five years after the pogrom an indelible blot on the country the victims live in abominable conditions and under constant threat is a matter of shame. Ghettos like Juhapura and Citizen Nagar reflect the reality that the Modi Government has failed miserably to redress the situation. It is ironical that the land that gave the country the Mahatma should tread a path of intolerance and violence.

Shiva Chaithanya Pappu,

"Vibrant" Gujarat seems to have seceded from the Union and established a Hindu Rashtra. While the article has done well to expose Golwalkar's ideology of hatred operating against the minorities in the BJP-ruled Gujarat, it is regrettably silent on the grand conspiracy of silence by which the Congress and the Left parties are playing Narendra Modi's game. The UPA Government at the Centre is equally guilty of pushing Gujarat's Muslims into a corner.

Samina Yasmin,

On reading the article, one is pained to know that the victims of the tragedy have multiplied over the years. The ghettos they live in with no civic amenities will not help in any way to heal the scars. It is not hard to imagine the bitterness of the younger generation growing up in the camps. Is there nothing anyone can do to make the survivors' lives better? Can the Supreme Court not direct the Gujarat Government to make their lives humane? Can the NGOs and other noted people from all communities not come together to make the plight of these people a national issue so that we can have a better tomorrow?

Padmaja Murthy,

Even after five years of the riots, constant fear engulfs Muslims amid peace. Since the riots, the polarisation between the communities has acquired a physical dimension. Muslims are subjected to a higher than usual level of abuse. Hindu communalists send veiled threats to Muslims that their safety depends on the goodwill of the majority community. Everyone knows the peace in Gujarat is fragile. Nothing can bring permanent peace except adherence to our great secular tradition.

T. Marx,