It is not as if bureaucrats are for diluting the spirit of the Right to Information Act by bringing in the amendment exempting file notings. They cannot but record the facts in their notings. It is their political masters who take decisions that are many a time contrary to the advice of the officials, to suit their political ends. The amendment is meant only to protect the politicians. Bureaucrats are being made scapegoats.

N.R. Sathyamurty,
Cuddalore, T.N.

* * *

Bureaucrats are paid taxpayers' money to advise the Government without fear or favour. Just as the armed forces are expected to fight the enemy without regard to their safety, bureaucrats are duty-bound to note down their opinions fearlessly in files. Any risk they are exposed to because of frank and fearless expression of opinions should be treated as a legitimate occupational hazard.

V.K. Venugopal,
Ottapalam, Kerala

* * *

The basis of a democratic government is the opinion of the people. Unless the people become conversant with the operation of the RTI Act, the purpose of the Act will be nullified.

K.P.K. Pechiannan,