The highly informative article, "2006 - year of agricultural renewal" (Dec. 31), highlights the enormous task ahead of the nation in reviving the agricultural sector.

The author's idea of development of rural farm science managers to demystify biotechnology and information technology should be taken up immediately.

A professionally led National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority should be set up soon.

R.C. Kesavamurthy,
Dindigul, T.N.

One peculiar feature of Indian agriculture that has to be taken into account while formulating any action plan is that it is tradition-oriented.

Agricultural operations in the country are more labour-intensive than capital-intensive. Most of the lands are watered through gravity-fed canals, which means that minimum energy inputs are needed for watering crops.

Other agricultural operations too are carried out manually. This is why agricultural production increases during the monsoon.

R. Ramarathinam,