With Pakistan declaring Indian diplomat Deepak Kaul persona non grata and expelling him, and India retaliating by expelling Syed Muhammad Rafique Ahmed, the India-Pakistan peace process is likely to run into rough weather. For India, which has been suffering for decades because of Pakistan-sponsored terror, acts such as the treatment meted out to Mr. Kaul, a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention and the Code of Conduct for Treatment of Diplomatic/Consular Personnel, add insult to injury.

K.V. Seetharamaiah,
Hassan, Karnataka

* * *

Pakistan is back to its diversionary tactics. Mr. Kaul's expulsion on charges of anti-Pakistan activities after the Mumbai blasts and American pressure on Islamabad to rein in terrorists is an attempt to dissipate the heat.

M. Muthukrishnan,

* * *

The outrageous treatment of hooding, handcuffing, and interrogating Mr. Kaul at an undisclosed location for five hours is condemnable and violates international norms. India should view the matter seriously and not just stop with issuing a condemnation.

N. Nagesh,

* * *

It has happened again Pakistan expelling an Indian diplomat and India retaliating by expelling a Pakistani diplomat within hours. Many times in the past, the reverse has happened. Do the Governments keep a ready list of diplomats who can be expelled at short notice?

Usha Sahana,
New Delhi