The editorial "Malaise too deep" (June 8) has rightly pointed to the malaise that runs in the BJP with its members and their sons getting involved in sleaze, murder and scandals. But there is no cause for worry because the wards of ruling party members are upright and honest. There can be no better role models for Indian youth than Jagat Singh, Manu Sharma, and many others.

Anjali Sreekumar,

* * *

The Rahul Mahajan episode has come in handy for the media to go to town on the BJP's discomfiture with perceptible glee. Let them not create an impression that it is the BJP leaders and their wards alone who commit mistakes and get involved in offences. Let us not forget various cases involving leaders of other parties pending in court.

Abishek Bhaskaran,
Srirangam, T.N.

* * *

I fail to understand how Rahul taking drugs is a BJP issue, and why the media are so obsessed with the case. Pramod Mahajan was a flamboyant and successful leader who had an unfortunate death.

To suggest that the present crisis is somehow related to his lifestyle is not fair to him. It is true that the BJP has been having problems lately. But the Rahul affair is a non-issue blown completely out of proportion.

S. Sudhir Kumar,
Waltham, Massachusetts

* * *

With the phenomenal increase in the number of news channels, each one is trying to increase its ratings by breaking news. When something big breaks out, the channels are forced to send their reporters to the scene.

This cannot be helped when the electronic medium is catching up with the global trends of live coverage. But trial by the media is unacceptable. The need of the hour is to lay down norms on privacy.

D.B.N. Murthy,

* * *

It was disturbing to see the various channels competing for one-upmanship in the sordid drama. The media assumed the role of prosecutor, jury, and judge rather than that of an observer and commentator.

Let us hope wiser counsel prevails and that they live up to their role of a watchdog and enhance their credibility in the eyes of the people.

Satish R. Murdeshwar,

* * *

What happened at Pramod Mahajan's erstwhile official residence is not only shameful but also alarming. All was well until the facts regarding the drug scandal were revealed. One must thank the framers of our Constitution who vested the ultimate power in the masses.

Humaira Ahsan,
Aligarh, U.P.

* * *

The Hindu has every right to write anything about the BJP. But the use of the term `saffron' often in a contemptible, disparaging way crosses the limits of propriety. It will do a great service to the ancient culture of India if it refrains from using the word `saffron' in the political context. Saffron is the epitome of abnegation, sacrifice and self-denial, which the great rishis of our sacred land practised for the welfare of the entire universe.

K.R. Nambiar,
Kozhikode, Kerala