This refers to the report that Sonia Gandhi has ridiculed BJP leader L.K. Advani’s claim that he was not aware of the NDA government’s decision to release terrorists in 1999. The three terrorists were released in exchange for the lives of passengers aboard a hijacked plane. Did not a previous government release terrorists to get a Union Minister’s daughter released from kidnappers? Were not the lives of the passengers on the Indian Airlines flight as important as that of hers? Such controversies are unnecessary at a time when the country is facing so many problems.

G.B. Srinath,


Everyone is wise after the event. What purpose is served by tearing open the wounds inflicted nine years ago? It is like beating the track after the snake has vanished. History may hold the NDA government guilty of exchanging the three terrorists with the passengers of the plane hijacked to Kandahar but the Congress is equally guilty. It should have played the role of a responsible opposition by preventing the exchange instead of playing politics now. At least now, let all political parties agree on a policy to deal with terrorism so that no government in future, however weak, can waver in the face of a terrorist threat.

Lt. Col. S.M. Sharma (retd.),