The Supreme Court’s act of issuing a show-cause to the principal and the registrar of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College, Himachal Pradesh, and asking them why contempt proceedings should not be initiated against them for the death of Aman Kachroo, allegedly due to ragging, is welcome.

From media reports, it is obvious that the college administration did not take Aman’s complaints seriously. We, the people, repose our faith in the judiciary and hope it will take stringent action against the guilty.

Shadab Husain,


* * *

Aside from cutting off financial aid to the educational institutions which fail to comply with the Supreme Court directions to curb ragging, the affiliation given to them should be cancelled.

It is only because of the negligence of the heads of institutions that students continue to indulge in ragging.

S. Ramalingam,


* * *

The ragging-related incidents reported from different parts of the country should jolt civil society out of its apathy. Ragging is not fun; it is sadism at its worst. The reasoning that it is necessary to initiate the freshers into the new environment is unacceptable. Nothing can be uglier than bullies tormenting docile and dazed juniors. Usually, the traumatised students bear the humiliation, hurt and horror in silence for fear of losing the opportunity to pursue their education. Apart from cutting off aid to the institutions that fail to end ragging, value-based education must be introduced to build character among students.

G. David Milton,


* * *

Aman’s death and the suicide attempt by a student in Guntur allegedly due to ragging are not isolated instances. Hundreds of such incidents occur across the country and they go unreported. If ragging continues unchecked, will parents send their children to colleges for higher studies? Will the future of Indian children be bright?

I hope the government, and the school and college authorities will wake up to the long-term implications of the barbaric practice.

A. Momin Affan,

New Delhi