As rightly pointed out in the editorial "A new, perilous dimension" (March 28), the LTTE air strike against the Sri Lanka Air Force base has added a new twist to the hostilities in the island nation. Negotiations should resume at the earliest to avoid civil unrest and address the deepening economic crisis in the troubled state.

Bala Ram,

With Monday's air strike, the LTTE has sent out the signal that it is still a force to reckon with, despite its recent military reverses at the hands of the Sri Lankan army. It is time both Colombo and the LTTE realised the futility of military confrontation and returned to the dialogue process.

M. Jeyaram,

If the latest development is any indication, the day will not be far when terrorists will have access to sophisticated weaponry and delivery systems. A lasting solution can be found only if all the parties to the conflict are willing to come to the negotiating table.

T.S. Arunachalam,

The air strike on the SLAF base has given terrorism a new dimension that is cause for concern. The Sri Lankan Government's statement that it is still open to talks with the LTTE is quite surprising. The terrorist organisation understands only the language of violence and it was only buying time to regroup during the ceasefire. The need of the hour is to crack down on the LTTE with an iron hand.

B. Suresh Kumar,

Once again, the LTTE has caught everyone by surprise. The air raid is a threat to India. Setting aside political compulsions, India should step in and assist Sri Lanka.

Rajesh Padmanabhan,
Queensland, Australia

The LTTE bombing is not a heroic act to be celebrated or glorified. I was shocked to see the news on the front page along with pictures of beaming LTTE cadres. Do they deserve such prominent coverage?

K. Hemamalini,