The Railway budget is a cosmetic exercise. People travelling in the Mumbai suburban trains are packed like sardines. What they want is additional train service, not AC coaches. Mr. Prasad has not addressed the fundamental issues ailing the Railways such as safety, reinforcement of the tracks, and improved onboard services.

No plans have been announced to improve the railway network in the Northeast, which feels alienated because of the neglect it faces from the Union Government.

V.V.S. Mani,

Reduction of fares in sleeper class and AC is hardly any consolation for a passenger. The reduction of surcharge levied on second-class tickets of superfast trains is an attempt to bring down the obnoxious levy imposed earlier.

The introduction of cushion seats is not an innovation. Madhu Dandavate, who holds the distinction of presenting a first surplus budget, introduced all-cushion second-class compartments.

N. Nagaraja Rao,