>>The sixth paragraph of the news report, “Tiruvarur gifts highest-ever victory margin to Karunanidhi” (May 16, 2011), said: “While the DMK leader polled 33,145 votes, late Parisutha Nadar got 30,317 votes [in the 1962 Assembly elections].

According to a reader, in the 1962 Assembly elections, the DMK leader got 32,145votes and late Parisutha Nadar got 30,217 votes. The victory margin was1,928votes and not2,828as given in the graphic that accompanied the report. The reader is right. The Election Commission of India website http://eci.nic.in/eci_main/StatisticalReports/SE_1962/StatRep_Madras_1962.pdf confirms it.

>> The Editorial, “A shockingly unethical trial” (May 16, 2011), wrongly gave the expansion of PATH asProgram for Appropriate Technology and Health. It should have beenProgram for Appropriate Technology in Health.