* * The first paragraph of a report "Ministers, leaders greet Stalin" (TamilNadu, [Tuesday] March 2, 2010) was "Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalinturned 57 on Wednesday." It should have been "Monday".

* * The phrase is to "rub salt into the (or someone's) wound". The heading andtext of an article had the expression ". adding/adds salt to the wounds"(Op-Ed, February 23, 2010). (It is not "rubbing salt" or "pouring salt on thewounds" either, as a reader suggests.)

* * The strapline of a report "Resource shortfall casts a shadow on Karnatakabudget" (March 3, 2010) was "It will neither promote growth nor welfare:Siddaramaiah". It should have been "It will promote neither growth norwelfare ...".

* * *

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