>>The photograph accompanying the front page report, “One more arrested in Merc speeding case” (May 31, 2013, some city editions), was that of Shaji Purushothaman. It is being clarified by the Chennai City Bureau that the earlier reports – “Both Shaji, driver claim they have been framed in accident case” (May 29, 2013, some editions, front page) and “Who are the Purushothamans?” (May 29, 2013, some editions, page 2) – carried photographs which were not that of Shaji Purushothaman and were erroneously identified.

>>“Delhi gang rape overshadows India’s achievements” (May 31, 2013, some editions) said P.J. Kurien was Rajya Sabha C hairperson . It should have been Rajya Sabha Deputy C hairperson .