>>The front-page graphic, “How MPs voted in the Lok Sabha” (Dec. 6, 2012), erroneously said that nominated members are not eligible to vote. As correctly pointed out by a reader, nominated members are entitled to vote on all matters except in case of a presidential election.

>>Incorrect figure: A report on the cost of the nuclear reactors (known as EPR) India intends to buy (“Cost of Jaitapur reactors could triple …”, Dec. 6, 2012) incorrectly gave the price after escalation as Rs. 35,500 crore . Actually, it is Rs. 3,55,000 crore . The mistake was in the headline and in the text.

>>APMC stands for Agricultural Produce Market Committee . It is not Agriculture Prices Marketing Committee, as given in the report, “Beware, don’t let keys of treasury go into hands of Gandhi parivar, Modi tells voters” (Dec. 5, 2012).