>>"Israel is as Netanyahu does" (Editorial, Nov. 19, 2012), gave the full form of IDF as Israeli Defence Forces. It is Israel Defence Forces.

>>In “Sans numbers, Opposition not keen on no-confidence vote” (Nov. 18, 2012), the first paragraph referred to the monsoon session of Parliament beginning on November 22. It should have been winter session .

>>In the report, “Quality recognition for The Hindu’s press” (Nov. 17, 2012), the term coldset — which denotes the ink-drying process, as opposed to heatset, where fuel-heated dryers are used to dry the impression quickly in order to avoid smudging and attain better results — was changed inadvertently during editing, to coldest .

>>“Alastair Cook set to join pantheon of greats” (Sport, Nov. 19, 2012) said Cook scored centuries against India ‘A’ and Haryana. Actually, he made only 97 against Haryana.

>>“Nikhil, Nivetha to lead” (Sport, Nov. 16, 2012, some editions), said Nikhil and Nivetha would captain … championship to be held at Kareemnagar . It should have been Karimnagar .