* In "Navy completes talks for stealth frigates" (June 8, 2006), the sentence was: "In addition to communication and electric warfare suites, the new boats [`Talwar' class stealth frigates] could also have an indigenous air defence system replacing the Russian Kashtan." It is not "electric

warfare suites" but "electronic warfare suites", as a reader points out.

* A reader says that the heading of the report "Uranium plants: A.P. plans Rs. 1,800-crore investment" (June 9, 2006) is incorrect. It is the Atomic Energy Commission that deals with uranium and which has made the proposal for the Rs. 1,800-crore investment in Andhra Pradesh. The heading should have been "Uranium plants: AEC plans Rs. 1,800-crore investment in Andhra Pradesh".

* A reader wonders whether the sentence in "Shifting of villages from Sariska sanctuary begins" (June 7, 2006) is correct. It was: "Mr. Somshekhar, who took over as Field Director of the cattle-ravaged [Sariska] Park a month ago, should know by now." Is it not "the tiger-ravaged park", the reader asks. The report was on the issue of relocation of villagers and their cattle, and how cattle reared in the park have damaged it. So it is a cattle-ravaged park.

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