Fixed deposits in banks for a period of five years will be eligible for deduction from income under Section 80C of the IT Act, subject to an overall ceiling of Rs. 1 lakh for all such deductions ("Business Review Tax Forum: Questions & Answers", August 7, 2006). The interest income from such deposits is not tax exempt as the later part of the report made clear. The opening sentence wrongly said income from the deposit will be eligible for deduction.

The caption of one of the two photographs accompanying the feature "In memory of Unc" (The Hindu-Magazine, August 6, 2006, page 2) was: "After a Hard Game: (left to right) John Gleeson, R.B. Desai, Jack Fingleton, K.N. Prabhu, Farokh Engineer, Don Bradman and M.L. Jaisimha." A few readers have pointed out that the person standing second from left is Errapalli Prasanna and not R.B. Desai.

The headline was "Eliminate Israel, says Iranian President Ahmadinejad" ("International", August 4, 2006). A reader says the headline does not fairly reflect the content of the copy or the actual statement. Ahmadinejad only wanted the Zionist regime eliminated. An analogy would be an Indian politician saying, "The military regime in Pakistan must go." An alternative heading would have been "Eliminate Zionist regime, says Iran" or "Zionist regime must go, says Iran".

In "Inspired by purest sources" (Friday Review, August 4, 2006), a former Deputy Director-General, Akashvani and Doordarshan, Prasar Bharathi, says: "The statement `[Musician and musicologist T.K.] Govinda Rao joined All India Radio (AIR) as junior composer and graduated to Chief Producer And Director General' is wrong. Govinda Rao was only the Chief Producer for Carnatic music at the headquarters of AIR in New Delhi. He was not the Director General of AIR."

Ted Corbett's report "This `Belly' is on fire right now" ("Sport", August 6, 2006), said Ian Bell completed his third successive hundred. A reader says it is wrong, because though Ian Bell scored three hundreds in successive tests (as correctly given in the caption accompanying the photograph), he had a 28 in the first innings of the first test. The Sports Desk clarifies: "If Bell's 28 had come in the first innings of the first Test, Corbett would have been right. It came in the second innings of the first Test. His sequence is 100 not out and 28 in the first Test, 106 not out in the second and 119 in the third.

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