The heading of a report (Madurai city, November 16, 2006, page 3) was "Height of Periyar dam must be raised: CPI". A reader points out that the issue is actually not about raising the height of the dam (the construction, as the heading implies), but about raising the level of water stored in the dam. It is now restricted to 136 feet, while the Supreme Court has said that the level could go up to 142 feet, with mutual consent of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The Guardian report "Vulture death could spread" ("Newscape" page, November 9, 2006) said the manufacture and import of Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug, was banned in India in August. A reader points out that the chemical is available in the market. While the veterinary form of Diclofenac has been banned, the drug for human use is not. As The Guardian report mentions, sale of Diclofenac is not illegal. In May 2006, the Drug Controller General of India had issued a directive to phase out veterinary Diclofenac and replace it with Meloxicam.

In The Hindu Crossword 8757 ("Variety" page, November 13, 2006), clue 8 Down was "Isn't circus in a tizzy? (4)" The solution (November 14, 2006) was "Snit". A reader says he is unable to find such a word in the dictionary. "Snit" (noun, North American slang) is a state of agitation; a sulk.

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