* Confusion over a name. An AP report "The unstirred milkshake man's war" ("Newscape" page, April 27, 2007), on an Indian who mans a single blender at a U.S. Army outpost in Ramadi, Iraq, gave his name as Abraham Chacka. The Hindu news desk had doubts about the name as also readers who asked whether it should not have been Chacko and checked with AP, Delhi. Later, the AP, Baghdad Bureau, clarified that he calls himself Abraham Chacka, and not Abraham Chacko.

* A report "Students tour meteorological station" (Chennai city, April 27, 2007, page 3) led to queries about how the maximum and minimum air temperatures are measured. The Meteorological Observatory, Meenambakkam, clarifies that a dry bulb, a wet bulb, a maximum thermometer and a minimum thermometer are kept in a wooden box called a Stevenson's screen. The box is a ventilated one and is kept in the shade to record the air temperature correctly. Also, there is a difference between "being in the shade" (which means it is in the Stevenson's screen) and "being kept outside" (which means it is left in the open sun), which the report seemed to imply incorrectly. Meteorological measurements like that of measuring the air temperature are done in the shade.

* A sentence in "The stage is set for a fantastic final act" ("Sport", April 28, 2007), on the 2007 cricket World Cup, was: "True to form, McGrath pointed out that Australia has dismissed every opponent save Bangladesh, against whom it had only 20 overs." It was an error as it was a 22-over game.

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