A new class? In the "Highlights" with the Railway Budget (February 27, 2007, page 1), a pointer was "AC III Tier Chair Car: lean season fares cut by 8%, peak season by 4%, leading to a query. It should have been "AC III Tier/Chair Car ... ", as the text of the accompanying report "A passenger oriented rail budget" said there will be a four per cent reduction in the busy season and eight per cent reduction in the lean season in AC three-tier and AC chair car classes.

The first paragraph in "[Iraqi] Vice-President injured in blast" ("International" page, February 27, 2007) was: "A bomb explosion inside a ministerial building in central Baghdad injured Iraqi Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi on Monday. Twenty-five persons were killed in the blast inside the Public Works Ministry building." Atul Aneja clarifies that it should have been "... six persons were killed and at least 25 injured in the blast inside the Public Works Ministry building."

In "Towards enlightened moderation" (Editorial page, February 23, 2007), the fifth paragraph was: "The speech is none other than Jinnah's August 11, 1947, address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, shortly after his election as the first President of Pakistan, three days before it was born .... " It should have been first President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.

The text of a report "Minjur desalination plant work begins today" (Chennai city, February 25, 2007, page 3) stated that it is to be a 100 million litres a day capacity plant, while the infobox said it was expected to yield 15 million litres a year. The Chennai Bureau clarifies that it should have been "the first phase is expected to yield 15 million litres a day".

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