• The first paragraph in a report "Pakistan plane to take back injured" (February 22, 2007) was: "For the first time in the history of the two countries, Pakistan will send a military C-130 transporter on a peacetime mission to India on Thursday to br
  • ing back the dead and wounded in the Samjhauta Express attack." Nirupama Subramanian clarifies that this is not the first time that the Pakistan Air Force is undertaking a peacetime mission to India. Pakistan deployed C-130s to deliver relief supplies during the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. Also, an Indian Air Force Il-76 transported relief supplies to Pakistan following the October 2005 earthquake.

  • In a report in the non-Andhra Pradesh editions "Congress suffers setback in civic polls in Andhra Pradesh" (February 22, 2007), paragraph four was: "The remaining four seats were won by independents, three of them Congress rebels. The Congress party
  • wrested control of the municipality after a gap of nearly two and a half decades by a thin majority." A reader wanted to know which municipality this was. Our Hyderabad Bureau clarifies that the paragraph as published in the Andhra Pradesh editions was: "In a contrasting situation in Hindupur, the Congress party wrested control of the municipality after a gap of nearly two and a half decades by a thin majority."

  • A few sports page corrections. "Services' domination may continue" (February 20, 2007), a report on the 33rd National Games at Guwahati, should have been stated that Andhra Pradesh won 93 gold medals, and not Hyderabad as was published.
  • In a report "New Zealand does the incredible again" (February 21, 2007), Brendon McCullum got his 86 off his 91 balls (according to www.cricinfo.com) , and not 89.The news agency (AFP) had given the number of ba
  • lls as 89.

  • A cricket report "Epochal emergence of Asian powers" (February 22, 2007) stated that Arjuna Ranatunga's decision to field in the 1996 World Cup final was "a decision without precedent in five previous finals." The Sports Desk clarifies that it shoul
  • d have been "two previous finals".

  • In a report on the Aeroflot Open chess tournament in Moscow "[International Master D.] Harika stands tall amid ruins" (February 22, 2007), the scores of P. Hari Krishna and S.S. Ganguly in the "A1" category should have been three each, and not four
  • as was published.

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