• In the lead story "Tatas outbid CSN, acquire Corus" (February 1, 2007, page 1), the price Tatas offered under the original deal, signed last October, was mentioned as 415 pence a share. The editorial, "Outstanding global foray" (February 1, 2007), had this figure as 455 pence. The figure in the editorial is correct.

    In the accompanying photograph, a number of readers have pointed out that Ratan Tata was wrongly identified in the caption. It should have been "Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Group, second from left, ...., and not "... second from right". The error was in the later editions.

  • In a report "Swedish ship [Gotheborg] brings friendship to the shores [of Chennai]" (February 1, 2007), in paragraph three, the spelling of Western Key should have been Western Quay. In paragraph six, it was stated that there was a crew of 10
  • Indians, including actor Revathy. They were volunteer crew as the ship does not carry passengers.

  • A sentence in "F.H. Major is new Air Chief" (January 31, 2007) was: "He headed a squadron in Sri Lanka operations and awarded Vayu Seva." It should have been "He ... and was awarded the Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)."
  • In "Chetan to meet Anand for title" ("Sport", January 28, 2007), a report on the BSNL Senior National badminton championships at Patna, it was stated that Chetan Anand and Nikhil Kanetkar are third seeds. Chetan is seeded third, while Nikhil is seede
  • d fourth.

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