The launch of the PSLV-C9 that blasted off into space from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre with 10 satellites is indeed a great achievement. It was a pleasure to watch it soaring into the sky without the slightest deviation from the trajectory.

The country feels proud of our scientists who have achieved another milestone. We wish them many more successes.

P.B. Arun Sarathy,


* * *

The Indian Space Research Organisation deserves to be congratulated on the successful launch of PSLV-C9 with 10 satellites as payload.

That it is a world record is a matter of pride for the country. The government should provide good facilities and pay hike to ISRO scientists on a par with IT professionals.

Beorn Kiruba,


* * *

The successful launch of PSLV-C9 has added another feather to the ISRO’s cap. It feels proud to know that satellites of developed countries like Germany and Canada were among the payloads the rocket carried into space. The scientists and engineers of ISRO deserve the highest level of appreciation for this act. Their job, which demands high-level intellect and dedication, is tough, also because they are paid low salaries compared to their counterparts in the IT sector. The government should make basic sciences more attractive and ensure that the legacy of Vikram Sarabhai, Abdul Kalam, and U.R. Rao is carried forward.

Devendra L. Abbigeri,


* * *

ISRO has done all of us proud by putting as many as 10 satellites into space. Well done. We wish the scientists many more successes.

Lt Col S.M. Sharma,