The finding of the Centre for Science and Environment, revealing the presence of harmful pesticides above permissible levels in soft drinks, once again exposes the unholy nexus between corrupt politicians and MNCs. Precious drinking water is provided to these companies by depriving thousands of thirsting citizens. Mega stars endorse these harmful products for money. It appears that until the judiciary passes dictums, our politicians will not act.

M.S.R.A. Srihari,
Khammam, A.P.

* * *

Even after earning millions, film stars and sportspersons endorse products like soft drinks, which affect our health adversely even if they have not been proved to be harmful. As the companies promoting these drinks have not bothered to meet the requisite standards of safety, all those endorsing them should introspect.

Wg. Cdr. V.B. Purang,

* * *

If the cola companies are selling their products with pesticides above acceptable and legal limits in them, they should be prosecuted and the soft drinks banned. But does this rule not apply to corporation water, milk, vegetables and fruits sold in the market? Municipal water supplied through age-old rusted pipes is notoriously known as the greatest health hazard. Milk supplied by big dairies often contains not only disease causing bacteria but also harmful metal elements. The liberal use of pesticides and fungicides by farmers leaves much of the residue in vegetables and fruits. In all these cases, scientists should be asked to come out with norms equal to international standards.

K. Venkataraman,

* * *

Practically every other thing we consume is adulterated, even drugs used in government hospitals. This, however, does not absolve the cola companies.

S.N. Samuel,
Salem, T.N.

* * *

The CSE should not let the dairy companies get away, especially when consumption of milk products is more than the colas. Cola consumption is optional, while milk products are the sole source of nourishment for millions of families across the country.

M.K. Naitra,
Kochi, Kerala