United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki Moon’s warning that nature does not negotiate with us is most relevant. To end the stalemate and move forward in Copenhagen, developing countries like India and China should agree on an international verification regime for carbon intensity cuts that they have unilaterally declared.

Rich nations, including the U.S., must agree unconditionally on drastic emission cuts. They certainly owe a climate debt to the world, which they must repay in the form of massive funding for developing nations. It will not be feasible for the developing world to move to cleaner sources of energy, unless the developed world facilitates it through technology transfer.

Lokeshkumar Jangid,

New Delhi

* * *

Whatever the outcome of the Copenhagen summit, all countries must realise that climate change has been knocking at their doors for quite some time now. By fighting among ourselves, we will only hasten the process of destruction. All nations must impose the maximum restrictions on themselves even if nothing comes out of the Copenhagen summit.

P.U. Krishnan,