How can Nicolas Sarkozy, President of a country that prides itself on upholding liberty and equality, make a remark that infringes upon one’s freedom? If a woman in a mini-skirt is not a matter of debate in the French Parliament, why should a woman in a burqa be? The burqa does not deprive a woman of her identity. On the contrary, it gives her an identity — of being modest, of boldly exercising her choice and of being true to her faith and culture.

Abubakar Ruknaddin,


* * *

Mr. Sarkozy’s remark that the burqa is a symbol of female subservience is ridiculous. The burqa is a symbol of dignity, which gives women the freedom they need while travelling or in workplace. Mr. Sarkozy should understand that a woman’s freedom lies in her right to choose.

Sareena Nafeesath,


* * *

Whether or not the burqa is a symbol of subservience should be decided by the woman herself. When you make a religion your way of life, you have to follow its customs and sanctions. I can’t understand why people who are comfortable with the attire of pandits and mahants, sadhus and sadhvis, fathers and nuns, Buddhist monks and Jain monks are so obsessed with the burqa.

M.M. Haneef Shabab,