Adam Gilchrist's knock of 149 in just 104 balls was a blitzkrieg. The hapless Sri Lankan bowlers were simply overwhelmed. With their brilliant batting backed by their equally great bowling and incredible fielding, the Aussies were magnificent throughout the tournament. Even the combined might of all the other teams in the World Cup may not have been enough to beat these Australians.

Shanmugam Mudaliar,

* * *

What a display by Adam Gilchrist! He virtually won the final single-handed. Let us cheer these Australians who showed the cricketing world how the game should be played. We should also salute Glenn Mcgrath, for whom the final was the last international match.

S. Venugopalan,

* * *

Gilchrist's innings was an absolute scorcher, probably the best of his career. That the Australians never even felt the absence of Brett Lee shows that in cricket the team ,and not individuals, matters.

Sai Manish,Chennai