The report that the London High Court has `ordered' the de-freezing of the two British bank accounts of Ottavio Quattrocchi has thrown the spotlight on the Italian businessman again. The issue is no doubt likely to be a boost for the Opposition. The Government should ensure that the case, which has been haunting the country for two decades, does not die a natural death.

C.P. Velayudhan Nair,
Kochi, Kerala

Over the years, politicians have prevented the guilty in the Bofors case from being brought to justice. It is, therefore, no surprise that the same politicians and their minions have now given a clean chit to Mr. Quattrocchi.

K. Subramanian,
St. Louis

The fact that some of the accused have been let off in a case certainly does not mean all other accused can also be let off.

M.M. Kale,
Kakinada, A.P.

That the Government had no qualms in authorising an untrue and scandalous submission is shameful. Why then should we be unduly shocked when MPs are caught receiving bribes? Something is basically wrong with our whole system in which people at the highest level of governance indulge in politically scandalous deeds with impunity.

Hilda Raja,

The MPs caught on camera were not high profile, so they did not cover their tracks. On the other hand, the long arm of the Indian law seems unable to touch an Italian businessman.

S. Subramaniam Balaji,

It seems the Congress is a rudderless ship in which each Minister does whatever he wants without informing the party high command. The Volcker Report pointed to Natwar Singh but the party had no hand in the commissions in the oil-for-food scam. Now it seems giving a clean chit to Mr. Quattrocchi was done without the Congress bigwigs knowing about it. What next? Perhaps, a sting operation in which a little known BJP politician will be caught on camera taking Rs. 50? In the hue and cry that follows, the Rs.64 crore scam will be buried quietly.

Anjali Sreekumar,

The way the case is going shows the futility of pursuing it. The defendant seems strongly protected.

M.A. Hakeem,