The article “Arms and the Maoists” (May 13) reveals the extent to which the Maoists have grown in strength. It is time the Centre constituted a joint parliamentary committee to study ways of tackling the menace. The rebels would do well to realise that the gun cannot solve their problems.

Unnikrishnan Manjeri,


* * *

Ramana's claim that villagers support them in their endeavours, if true, speaks volumes about the government's failure to ensure inclusive growth. Why would the villagers help the Maoists transport gelatine-based explosives if they did not have more faith in them than in the government? Fighting the ultras directly has not yielded any result. It has, instead, sent our security personnel to their deaths. The government should try to win the support of the villagers by implementing the much-delayed development programmes.

Venkataraman Ganesh,