The article “We deify women, yet we treat them as doormat” (Open Page, April 11) aptly brings out the status of women in India after 63 years of Independence. The reason for the glaring disparity in sex ratio is female foeticide, which is rampant in society. The very thought that the newborn is a girl spreads gloom in many families. It is the mindset of people which needs to change if gender discrimination is to end. We read a lot about the equality of sexes but it exists only on paper. Men should acknowledge the value of women and treat them as equals in all spheres of life.

Sudha Chandrasekaran,


* * *

Recently, I was approached by a well-educated couple asking for the early delivery of their child. They had somehow found out that the foetus was female. The husband and wife wanted to know for how long the baby would survive without being fed. I was horrified and shocked at the thought that they wanted to murder their own baby. All talk about women's empowerment is futile. Just as we slaughter animals despite deifying them, we kill female foetuses even though we worship women.

Dr. Manorama Gadde,


* * *

Modern women do not want to be treated as inferior to men. They want reverence, basic rights and justice. One wonders when women will be free from molestation, rape, harassment, and foeticide.

Rajshree Gupta,