This refers to the report, `CPI (M) steps up campaign on Iran' (Feb 12). It appears that dark clouds are hovering over the Congress. The CPI (M) has criticised the Congress for not sticking to the common minimum programme and also for its stand on the Iran issue. In fact, a no-confidence motion could be moved against the Government in Parliament if the Prime Minister continues to ignore the CPI (M)'s advice.

S. Mahaboob Basha,
Adoni, A.P.

It is quite understandable for the CPI (M) to express anguish over the Government's policy on Iran, as the Centre has clearly buckled under pressure from the U.S.

The UPA, despite the diversity of ideologies within the coalition, has so far displayed unity, but at this rate a collapse cannot be far off.

U.S. Iyer,

The Left decision regarding the UPA Government is the correct one. First, it was the Indo-American joint military exercises, then came the airports privatisation issue, and now the Iran vote. The Government should realise that Left is not an Opposition group but an ally of the UPA.

M. Arun Thejaswi,
Palakkad, Kerala