There were protests, some violent, against the recent visit of U.S. President George Bush to the subcontinent. The forms of anger demonstrated seem to have also damaged a photo caption as far as basic information about where and when a particular incident happened ("After the violence", March 5, 2006, page 7, all editions except Chennai city). The scene was from Lucknow on March 4.

They were certainly "Eyecatchers", as a mistake. The pictures of book jackets of two books on "Driving Holidays in the Himalayas", in Sikkim and Ladakh" (The Hindu-Magazine, March 5, 2006, page 8), were interchanged.

The Union Finance Minister granting relief to the manufacturers of small cars in the recent budget was not fully taken into account in "Briefly", Business page, March 3, 2006. The price cut in Hyundai's flagship Santro Xing was up to Rs. 26,000, which became Rs. 26,00.

Degree or percentage? A reader has a doubt about the strength of alcohol ("Peru seeks GI protection for Pisco in India", March 3, 2006), and the reference to 42 degree. Most of the world measures the strength of alcoholic drinks as a percent of volume (alcohol by volume or ABV). Degree, a different measure, is used in some countries.

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